Hello, I’m Jeannette.

I’m a copywriter and researcher with an interest in media and technology.

In 2016, when I wanted to experiment with podcasting, I started a podcast called The Sex Beat. Although it went on hiatus after a measly seven episodes, it spurred my further interest in sex as a topic. Then, when I began research for my Master’s degree, I chose sex as a topic because it allowed me to explore sex, media, and technology – an intersection of my biggest interests.

I wanted to document my research. And so, The Sex Beat was revived as a newsletter.

What to expect from The Sex Beat

I’m currently a PhD candidate researching media rhetoric on and cultural understandings of the female body.

The main goal of this newsletter is to document parts of my research that may or may not be (eventually) academically published. But I hope it will also be a way for me to connect with other postgraduate students and researchers.

Currently, there are three parts to this newsletter:

  • The main section contains articles about a particular aspect of sex that I’m exploring. Usually includes more questions than answers and will focus (mostly) on phenomenon / artefacts in the Southeast Asian region.

  • The Bibliographies section contains reviews of books, chapters, journal articles, and other readings / media.

  • Rabbitholes is more of a blog about life as a postgraduate student / researcher, who is not good at school.

I’m discovering that slow research is hard to do, especially if you’re balancing it with business and freelance work. If you would like to support my research, feel free to join the discussion and/or share my writing.

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Doing postgraduate research on sex and documenting it